A special book...

A special book: Misschien was je vandaag wel geboren... vertelt het aangrijpende verhaal van een jong stel dat er bij de 20 wekenecho achter komt dat hun kindje een ernstige afwijking heeft. Ze besluiten de zwangerschap te beëindigen. You might have been born today... tells the moving story of a young couple who, at the 20 week anomaly scan, find out that their baby has severe abnormalities. They decide to end the pregnancy. They both experience this in their own way; Yvonne by keeping a diary and David, being a photographer, by putting his feelings into images. This is a beautiful document about a journey of grief and acceptance of one of thelast existing taboos: the choice to end a pregnancy in case of an abnormal outcome. It is about sorrow, uncertainty, determination, guilt, fear, anger and frustration but most of all it is about love: the love for the stillborn child who will never be forgotten.

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